Michelle Shocked Setlist – 9/22/2012

  1. Blowing In the Wind
  2. Do – Re – Mi
  3. Deportees
  4. This Land Is Your Land
  5. Anchorage
  6. Memories of East Texas
  7. Graffiti Limbo
  8. The Midnight Special / This Little Light of Mine
  9. Come a Long Way
  10. Take Your Time
  11. I Will Be Loved
  12. Some Day the Dove Will Cry
  13. Orange Brain Song
  14. Bring Blanche Back / 50 Ways to Loathe Your Lender
  15. The Bidding of the Many Not the Few
  16. Strawberry Jam
  17. Encore: The Ballad of Penny Evans (Steve Goodman cover)

This concert and setlist were supported by Midlothian VA Dentist River Run Dental Spa.

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