Nataly Dawn Setlist – 4/2/2013

  1. Caroline
  2. Still a Believer
  3. Leslie
  4. Back to the Barracks
  5. Green Eyes (Coldplay cover)
  6. Araceli
  7. Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk (Rufus Wainwright cover)
  8. Baby It’ll Be Alright (Ryan Lerman on vocals)
  9. I Just Wanted You to Get Old
  10. Please Don’t Scream
  11. When I Decide (with Lauren O’Connell)
  12. Sixteen Tons (Merle Travis cover)
  13. La vie en rose (Édith Piaf cover)

This concert and setlist were supported by Wilmington, NC Dentist Downtown Wilmington Dental

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