Saturday, July 28th – 5 Pillars DURM Hip Hop Summit

The 5 original elements of Hip-hop culture will crash land at the Casbah in Durham, NC. The burgeoning hip-hop team of Toon & The Real Laww have been tapped to curate a one day, hip-hop festival of sorts, that will “bring back a positive light” to the durham rap music scene. This day will include live breakdancers, graffiti artists, beat-box with live DJing exibitions, and so much more! The night will be capped off with live performances from 5 of Durham’s most promising hip-hop acts!

This event will focus on the “5 pillars” on which hip-hop culture stands upon. Those elements, or “pillars” are, the Emcee, the Break Dancer, the DJ, Beatboxing, and last but not least, the graffiti artists. The elements will be presented throughout the night with live exhibitions mixed with various audience participation opportunities.

Performances by:

  • Joshua Gunn
  • The Beast
  • Toon & The Real Laww
  • Lazurus & Sarah Kaboom
  • Defacto Thezpian

Hosted by Bishop Omega, the night will be sponsored so far by Pabst Blue Ribbon and, a local clothing company run by Gabe Eng-Goetz.

This event is brought to you in part by Streaming TV Charts.

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